Chairman message

It is our humble request to the white collar workers and social workers to turn their notion towards children education .it is our moral responsibility to guide the downtrodden to been lightened about the utility and importance of education in life. Education is the only light for dispersing the darkness of ignorance in life.

Chairman (ASEIT)


ARNAB BHATTACHARYA , was a visionary to whom socio educational aspect of this society mattered a lot that why he endeavoured in to this field personally with his utter enthusiasm and spirit , though this guy of Human Resource who worked with MNC in Delhi is no more among us but his visions have inculcated a spirit and zeal within us and this led to the formation of this Trust i.e ARNAB SOCIO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE /TRUST regd. On 1/6/2006 Under trust act Govt. Of India under the above banner an English medium school LITTLE PEARLS ACADEMY by name has been started several vocational training and educational programmes related to health and safety education environment for the up liftmen and enlightenment of the society in and around this rich and resourceful state of Jharkhand and other places our country. INSPIRATIONS TO SET UP AN ORGANIZATION ARNAB SOCIO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE TRUST THE INSPIRATION TO SET UP AN ORGANIZATION LIKE ARNAB SOCIO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE /TRUST originated after a long association with the working class in this coal industry .The condition of these people were very pitiable rather they were being treated as an animal before nationalization of coal mine . The social workers who were present at the used to work like a mediator or bargaining agent most of them were running different contract business .They were also working as labour supplier. There were some dedicated social worker also who were fighting for the liberation of these coal workers .During the reign of Smt. Indira Gandhi , as Prime Minister of India this movement energized and held up the reality of coal industry . As an dour come the first phase of Nationalization of coking coal mines took place on 17 th October 1971 afterwards on 31st January 1973 entire coal mines were taken over by the Govt. Of India. At the time the chaos was created by the erstwhile owner that they enlisted a huge manpower in unproductive jobs. The Devil activities were started since that time .The then Management tried their level best to nationalize the man power but due to apprehension of mass unrest in the field they could not do anything. The so called musclemen became the labour leaders under different political banners and this lead to the deterioration of work culture .The cancer of coking coal mines started from that time. As the mines were taken over by the government so in order to run this industry smoothly funds were invested from different sources. If we pay our attention over the statistics then we will be able to see that the coal production raised abruptly .Since then the local management started to pay less attention on the underground mine and crazed for opencast mine in the outcropping part of the coal seams with high mechanization no importance were paid on the life of the mine these mines were started in a most unscientific manner and without estimating the feasibility of heavy mechanization .To manage the coal companies different lucrative department were developed e.g. drinking water electricity local established . In the name Healthy welfare activities huge amount were invested and the construction were done within he mine area without considering the residential accommodation health and safety condition of the employees .It was done in a most unplanned manner .No initiation was taken to established a well planned workers colony away from the mine area. Though extension of bhuli township done but it became very congested and certain difficulties arose in transportation and different matter .After nationalization a class of people were surely benefitted but the conditions of the real working class deteriorated very badly. It is not doubt that the earnings of the coal workers increased beyond their imagination but no improvement come in to reality towards their socio educational as well as economical status .Different progressive ideas were developed but most of those remained in pen and paper only .Thus the actual workers remained in the same darkness as they were before rather they became more addicted to drinking and gambling .On the other hand a class of people enjoyed money making business through money lending .At present it has penetrated so deeply in the workforce that they are compelled to resign from their jobs opting VRS.etc These coal workers are hardly think for their children education. These children are living as neglected child in the society. At a tender age these children start selling coal by stealing from yard and in the long ren they become more advance and start theft from the mine premises ever from underground mine also .Naturally they are entangling themselves with the big bosses of underworld also. To overcome these disturbances and to recover the coalfield from this chronic disease the education plays very important role. The foundation of good character can only be established under the guidance of healthy educational environment .It is a pity still that our coal workers are less interested to send their children for good education .There are organization for imparting education to the workers engaged in the mining industry but only a few organization is working for the benefits of the children education. Due to high cost it become beyond the reach of the common workers. To promoted healthy education keeping in mind about he Socio Educational up liftment this ARNAB SOCIO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE / TRUST has been established to make the children education more affordable and bearable.


Children education will be given the top priority to impart standard education at a berry affordable fees objectives as per clause 9 of the trust to set up an organization to look after the health and safety aspects of different industries.

  • To make the workers conscious about occupational health and safety at their work place in mining and other industries.
  • To promote environment friendly
  • To educate the first line supervisors and workers the way to identify the risk at work.
  • Co-ordination with Management, Government and Organisation
  • To organise tripartite action programme to run the activities in the practical field a separate committee will function.
  • To take up project work for the liftmen of health and safety standard in mines and factories and agriculture field.
  • To study and find out the remedial measures against ecological imbalance pollutions crated dut to mining and other industries.



Chairman (ASEIT)